Train rules and regulations

See the rules on access, use and the tickets  and passes for our trains.

Passengers must have a valid ticket. Law 28/2006, of 4 July states that not having a valid ticket, showing an invalid ticket or refusing to show a ticket when using a public transport system is punishable with a fine of up to 100 times the cheapest ticket in force.

The use begins when a passenger boards a train or the station platform id access to these is limited and continues until the passenger leaves through the exit channels. 

The access and exit channels are delimited by the line defined by the card readers in the station atrium or by the devices to control entries and exits or by any other kind of signs.

Lisbon urban trains

Tickets can be bought from ticket offices,from ticket vending machines in the stations and from cash dispenser machines (ATM) (Zapping and monthly passes).

Tickets cannot be bought on board the trains, except in legally permitted exceptions) and unavailability of of means of payment, lack of change or limitations imposed by the sales equipment or the impossibility of payment by debit card cannot be used as a reason for not having a ticket so log as the sale/validation at the boarding area was available.

Passengers must comply with the queues both when buying tickets and when boarding or disembarking from the trains. 

Oporto urban trains

Passengers must have a ticket before starting their journey, so long as the sale is available at the station where they board or in the area around the station, regardless of who makes the sale, CP (personal or automatic sales) or Pagaqui agent, and unavailability of of means of payment, lack of change or limitations imposed by the sales equipment or the impossibility of payment by debit card cannot be used as a reason for not having a ticket. 

Tickets can be bought from the ticket offices, ticket vending machines in the stations or from Pagaqui agents.

If there is no means of buying a ticket, this can be done on board the train so long as you approach the ticket inspector as soon as you board.

The ticket vending machines only accept notes if the change to return is less than €10 /ten euros). 

CP does not guarantee change in the ticket vending machines and it is the passenger's responsibility to ensure change to buy ticket from these machines. 

Passengers must buy their tickets in good faith and not present disproportionally high value notes compared with the ticket they are buying. 

At the ticket vending machines, if you want a receipt, you must press the button during the purchase process as these cannot be issued once the process is concluded. 

Passengers must validate their tickets before every journey.

Tickets are only valid for use if they have been validated properly. 

Lisbon urban trains 

The validation of tickets, season tickets and multi-operator or intermodal passes is mandatory. Always validate your ticket before travelling.

In stations without access channels, use the card readers in the station to validate your ticket.

Hold your ticket or pass over the card reader without moving it until the green light comes on and a validation message appears. 

At stations with access channels validate when you enter and leave, even if the channels are open.

Wait for the access channel to close after the passenger in front of you and only then place your card for reading as shown.

Wait for the green light to appear and the doors to open so you can pass safely.

Do not pass through the channels close against another passenger. If you do so you may get stuck and break the law.

The wider channels in the stations, called “Special Channels”, are for reduced mobility passengers, baby strollers, with children, bikes or large packages.

The special channel is used both as an entrance and an exit so take care only to pass when the green arrow is lit.

Passengers must now validate al their tickets and passes allowing them to travel on the Lisbon urban trains before every journey, pursuant to Law 28/2006 of 4 July. Anyone not validating their tickets or passes after 1 October 2015 may be fined.

Oporto urban trains

Passengers must validate their tickets before every journey with no more than 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time, except in cases of changing train. 

Whatever contactless ticket you use, it should not be validated along with other contactless tickets, otherwise there is the risk that the card reader will validate (and reduce the balance) of all the cards, the card it recognises first (which may not be the one you want) or one that is not valid and therefore you would incur all the inherent risks.

Passengers must keep their tickets in a good state of use and keep it during the entire journey until they leave the station.

Lisbon urban trains

The receipt from topping up the ticket, season ticket or pass must accompany the reusable card (Viva Viagem or Lisboa Viva).

Keep the receipt until the ticket is no longer valid.

Oporto urban trains

Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional, InterRegional and International

The loss or destruction of a ticket implies the payment of a single ticket (full-price) corresponding to the route covered or to be covered by the passenger and a fine pursuant to Law 28/2006, of 4 July the amount of which is specified in the fine price table.

  • Never cross over the yellow line on the platform until the train has stopped.
  • When travelling with children, always hold their hand.
  • Don't crowd around the doorways, assist others boarding or disembarking.
  • Do not enter or leave the train after the warning sound that the doors are closing.
  • When boarding or disembarking, mind the distance between the train and the platform.
  • Use the escalators properly, keep to the right-hand side.

Whenever you need support or information, to use the stations, we have Customer Assistance Offices which are there to provide personalised support are resolve any doubts. Each office is specialised in a specific kind of service.

There are long-distance, regional, Lisbon urban and Oporto urban Customer Assistance Offices.

On stations with access channels, you can get help by pressing the button beside the access gates and inside the special channels.

You can get help at the ticket vending machine by pressing the “Ajuda”(Help) button.