Travelling by train is so great!

This time, I’m heading for the snow. I going to catch the Intercidades to Covilhã first thing in the morning.

I’m dying to go on this journey. My parents say we are going to spend the weekend with my uncles and we are going to Serra da Estrela to play in the snow.
We are going by train and my aunt and uncle are going to be waiting for us at the station.
I hope it is cold… really, really cold so it freezes the tip of my nose, or even better… if it snowed! 
I can imagine myself in a snow suit making a huge snowman. Perhaps I could go skiing, I’d love to try that.
Come on! Don’t miss this opportunity.

When: Every day.

Where: In Covilhã, the train station is near the town centre.

CP Special Offers: Lisbon-Covilhã, Promo ticket bought at least eight days in advance, prices from just €9.50.


CP Services: Intercidades