A day in Aveiro

Come and visit the town of Aveiro, which many call the Portuguese Venice. Everyone falls in love with its charms.

Water, canals, boats, adventure, trips and sticky sweets, is everything I really like! And Aveiro has all of this.
I have organised three visits:
- Next week I am going with my parents. We are going on a guided visit in one of the local boats called Moliceiros or Mercantels), through the urban canals, where we are going to learn all about the history of this town and its connection with the estuary (Ria).
Then,  when I go back to school I am going to challenge by teachers to organise a group trip, this time on a motorboat (I must admit I am quite excited about this programme). We will get to learn about the town “on the water” but out of the canals.
And then I'm going to go back once again with my grandparents for a tour around the town, passing all the tourist points you can only see by boat.
Come on! What are you waiting for? Challenge your relatives and embark on this adventure!

Where: Town of Aveiro.

When: All year round.

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