Pocahontas, in Rio Tinto.

The story of a young Indian princess. Kind, independent and rebel.

Buddies! What a great opportunity to invite your parents, grandparents and friends to see this show and make everybody very happy.
Generations have fallen in love with Pocahontas. It is always a pleasure to relive it and this time with greater intensity because two arts are put together as one – the stage and the screen (A play in the Cinema). 
“Once upon a time, there was an Indian girl named Pocahontas. She belonged to the Powhatans Indians, who lived in the state of Virginia, in America. She was a very kind, independent, but rebel girl. She was a pain in the neck for her Powhatan father, the Chief of the Powhatans tribe, known as a peaceful tribe where everybody lived happily. With the European settlers’ invasion, who took over the Powhatan lands, everything changed. One day, several colonists were captured by the Indians (…)”
You have to see this show, to live this story and see how Pocahontas played a decisive role in this conflict, with her courage and determination.

Come along! Meet us there?


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