"N´ ó é?" play

A special journey with lots of animals and adventure.

Surely you’ve heard the story of Noah’s ark, right?!

It’s hard to say who tells it best - your grandfather or your grandmother. I’m curious to hear and see it in a different way, as if it jumps right out of the book all the way to the stage. That’s right!

Teatro Independente de Oeiras present us the world of “N´ ó é?” with elephant trunks, the little bird wings waving in the waters of Danubio and the tides of the Red Sea.
Cicadas sing, crickets jiggle. Fireflies and clownfish set up the tent and spin all seasons in one single day. Diluvium is on the way!

Come along and spend an exciting Sunday morning! CP takes you with no stress nor queues.


CP Services: Lisbon urban trains

Teatro Independente de Oeiras, 5-minutes from the Santo Amaro Station – Cascais Line.

Until December 15.

  • On Sundays at 11h00

If you’re under 4 years old, you can travel for free on the Lisbon Urban Trains. If you’re between 4 and 13 years old, inclusive, you get a 50% discount.

When buying a ticket from the theatre ticket office, the passengers with a CP Pass get an extra one, upon presenting the card and the receipt. 

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Before boarding the train, you must always validate your ticket.