Krazy World Zoo

Go to Algarve by train and have an amazing day at the Krazy World Zoo.

It’s the perfect invitation for your teachers and colleagues, or for your parents and friends.

Prepare to be surprised at what you can learn about the animals, and the fun you’ll have.

Having a guide for a visit to the small farm is a plus.

How about feeding and interacting with animals? What about a pony ride? Or jump on the inflatable, dive in the pool and even if you like challenges ... go tree climbing.

To finish in full, challenge your colleagues or your dad for a round of 18-hole mini-golf.

After a full day, return home comfortably by train, without any stress. Does it seem like a good plan?

Have a wonderful journey!

CP Services: Alfa Pendular | Intercidades | Regional and InterRegional

In Algarve, Algoz - Messines, Tunes station.

From March 27 to October 31 - every day.

Individual tickets to Krazy World Zoo:

Group tickets and Individual tickets + transfer:


The prices: (already include the discount on the normal price of the park entrance ticket)

Individual Customers;
20% off the normal price of the Park entrance ticket.

Regional Train + Park Pack;
Return journey on Regional trains + park entrance ticket:

  • 10% off return journeys on the Regional service
  • 20% off the normal price of the park entrance ticket.

Park tickets:

  • Children (4 to 10) - €8.00
  • Adults (11 to 64) - €13.60
  • Seniors (+65 years) - €8.00

School Groups; (minimum of 10 paying passengers)

  • 5% off the normal school group price

Price per group element;

  • Entrance ticket with lunch - €9.45
  • Entrance ticket without lunch - €5.65

 Offer of one park entrance ticket to the Teacher/Monitor for every 10 paying students.

Non-School Groups (minimum of 10 paying passengers)

  • 5% off the normal price of non-school group.

Price per group element; (with and without lunch)

  • Adults: Entrance ticket without lunch - €9.45
  • Children: Entrance ticket without lunch - €6.60
  • Adults: Entrance ticket with lunch - €18.00
  • Children: Entrance ticket with lunch - €14.20

In groups, the child can be up to 12 years old. 

_Transfer between the Tunis Station/Park:

Individual Tickets; (Return journey)

  • Adults - €5.00
  • Children - €3.00

Children from 0 to 3 years old enter for free.
The sale/booking for the transfer shall be made with a minimum of 24 hours in advance. 

School and non-school groups;

  • Price of bus with 50 seats - €150.00

The sale/booking for the transfer is marketed by the Sales Team gruposLC-RG@cp.pt and shall be made at least 7 days in advance.

The transfer amount is paid directly to the driver on the day of the group’s journey.