Celebrate Father’s Day in style

I’m going to spend the day with Dad on a train journey, what are you going to do?

Plan the day and surprise him with a special idea and have fun together!
If your Dad doesn’t like traffic and chaos, why not suggest a train journey?. It’s relaxing and you can enjoy quality time with each other.

Where to? I’ve got masses of suggestions for a fun day out:

A Wild Day – An adventure in the jungle is the one possibility. How about a trip to Lisbon Zoo, or Zoo de Santo Inácio Zoo?

Scientists for a Day – This is a visit to the Knowledge Pavilion or the Oceanarium? Brilliant!
A day outdoors – Why not take part in a Father's Day Race that’s another excellent idea. Or a trip to Portugal dos Pequenitos ... a journey on the Hippotrip?.
There are so many things to do and see. And remember, there are lots of exhibitions you can go and see up and down the country.
All these and other ideas can make for a different day out.

Come on! Come and have a great day with the best Dad in the world. Yours!

CP Services: Lisbon urban trains | Oporto urban trains | Coimbra urban trains

Plan your journey and catch the train from a nearby station. 

18 March.

€2 return journey.
For fathers and children travelling together on the Lisbon, Oporto or Coimbra urban trains.
UP –Braga, Guimarães, Marco and Aveiro lines.
UC –Coimbra urban lines
ULX - Sintra/Azambuja, Cascais and Sado lines