Extinction Exhibition – The End or the Beginning?

And what is the best means of transportation to the exhibition? The train, obviously!

A visit with a hint of holidays and time travelling.

You don’t need to go to London in order to observe some of the species that the National History Museum of London has to offer. Over 60 species. Dinosaur fossils, the Baiji dolphin in China (recently extinct), several species that have been extinct for thousands of years and other endangered species that maystill be saved.

There will be wide interactivity with the elements of the exhibition, which is guaranteed by the sophisticated technology used and the scientific accuracy of the contents certified by the experience and know-how of over 300 scientists that work in this international research institution that began its activity in 1881. Highlights: 

  • interactive films and audiovisual works;
  • activities, games and other unforgettable interactive technologies;
  • educational programmes and events suitable for different age groups;
  • interdisciplinary lectures and conferences with different participants from several fields of knowledge;
  • exclusive programmes, workshops.

Find this exciting? Come join us! Invite your group of friends and embark on this visit.

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