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Offer your friends and family a special journey.

We have special tourist packages with prices ranging from €36 to €72.50. They are divided into theme areas of Culture and Nature, Festivities and Pilgrimages and Tastes and Cuisine with 7 different options. 

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Prices betwen €36 and €72.50. 

These products are available from the following stations.

The card you get is not valid as a ticket and has to be exchanged for the respective programme.

It is valid for one person, to be used until the date shown on the card. The exchange must be made no more than 60 days in advance and a minimum of 15 days before the intended travel date.

The card can be exchanged for another of the same value or higher, so long as it is within the validity period and you pay the difference. If you exchange it for a cheaper programme there is no refund.

The card cannot be exchanged for train journeys, that are not associated with the programmes that CP sells, or refunded.

The card will not be accepted if it is torn or damaged.

Some programme require a minimum number of participants.