Portugal Rail Pass

The Portugal Rail Pass is an easy way to get to comfortably get to know Portugal from north to south by train.

It gives you unlimited travel for three or seven days in a month as of the date of purchase. It is for people who do not live in Portugal.

  1. This card is personal and inalienable and can only be bought by people who do not live in Portugal.
  2. The card provides unlimited travel for three or seven days in a m onth on all Alfa Pendular, Intercidades, Regional/InterRegional and Urban trains.
  3. The Portugal Rail Pass card includes a Viva Viagem card so you can travel on the Lisbon urban trains.
  4. Before each journey, you have to ask get your ticket from a ticket office or, exceptionally, from the ticket inspector on the train by presenting your card.
  5. If you want to travel on the Lisbon urban trains, you do not need to get a ticket, but you have to validate the Viva Viagem card at a card reader.
  6. On board the trains you have to show the ticket inspector your Portugal Rail Pass (with the dates completed) and the respective receipt along with a ticket for the train you are travelling on.
  7. The Portugal Rail Pass cannot be refunded or reissued neither the individual journeys that it gives you the right to.
  8. The card is valid for a month as of the purchase date, which is completed by the CP ticket offices that sell these cards.

3 days in a month

7 days in a month





2nd class €73.00

2nd class €36.50

2nd class €129.00

2nd class €64.50

1st class €109.00

1st class €54.50

1st class €179.00

1st class €89.50

Lisboan (Santa Apolónia, Oriente, Rossio, Cais do Sodré, Entrecampos and Sete Rios), Oeiras, Estoril, Cascais, Oporto (Campanhã, São Bento), Braga, Guimarães, Espinho, Aveiro, Albufeira and Faro.

You can purchase the Portugal Rail Pass online, at the bottom of the page.

By continuing the purchase process, you accept not only the general terms and conditions for the purchase of vouchers but also the following specific conditions of the product:

  • At the of end the purchase process, a voucher is issued and shall be exchanged exclusively at one of the following stations:
    • Porto Campanhã;
    • Porto São Bento;
    • Braga;
    • Guimarães;
    • Espinho;
    • Aveiro;
    • Oriente;
    • Lisboa Santa Apolónia;
    • Rossio (loja CP);
    • Albufeira;
    • Faro;
    • Lagos;
    • Cais do Sodré;
    • Oeiras;
    • Estoril;
    • Cascais;
    • Entrecampos;
    • Sete Rios.
  • Upon the exchange, the presentation of the printed or digital voucher is mandatory.
  • Each voucher shall only be exchanged once and for the purpose established upon its purchase:
    • Portugal Rail Pass 3 days Adult
    • Portugal Rail Pass 3 days Children
    • Portugal Rail Pass 7 days Adult
    • Portugal Rail Pass 7 days Children
  • When using the Viva Viagem card, on the Lisbon Urban Trains, you shall validate such card before the journey.
  • No other ticket – from CP or other Operator – shall be loaded onto the Viva Viagem card until the expiration date of the Portugal Rail Pass.
  • The Portugal Rail Pass purchased under the vouchers cannot be reissued nor refunded, as well as the individual journeys to which it gives entitlement.
You must accept the terms and conditions.