Travel with a group of friends and make the most of the advantages of the train and the Youth Hostels.

The INTRA_RAIL LIVE TRIP is specially designed for groups of 12 to 40 participants. It includes three days of travel over a chosen route on the Intercidades (2nd class), Regional and InterRegional trains and two nights accommodation in a multiple room with breakfast included.

Check here CP Stations and Youth Hostels' map.

The INTRA_RAIL LIVE TRIP is pre-defined for four destinations, two leaving from Oporto-Campanhã and two leaving from Lisbon-Oriente, associated with accommodation at pre-determined youth hostels:

Oporto | Minho line - with accommodation at the Youth Hostels at Vila Nova de Cerveira and Guimarães.

Oporto | Douro line - with accommodation at the Youth Hostels at Alijó and Foz Côa.

Lisbon | Northern/Beira Baixa line - with accommodation at the Youth Hostels at Penhas da Saúde - Serra da Estrela and Idanha-a-Nova.

Lisbon | Southern/Algarve line - with accommodation at the Youth Hostels at Tavira and Lagos.

Note: prices in euros including VAT.
Routes Station Youth hostels

High season prices
(1 Jul to 31 Aug)

Medium/Low season prices
(1 Sep to 30 Jun)
Oporto - Douro line Oporto Campanhã Alijó; Foz Côa 44.50 37.00
Oporto - Minho line Porto Campanhã Vila Nova de Cerveira; Guimarães 41.50 35.00
Lisbon - Northern/Beira Baixa line Lisbon Oriente Penhas da Saúde: Idanha-a-Nova 50.00 41.00
Lisbon - SouthernAlgarve line Lisbon Oriente Tavira; Lagos 52.50 40.50
  • The INTRA_RAIL LIVE TRIP cannot re reissued or refunded, except for reasons of changing the date to begin the journey and is subject to reconfirmation of availability;
  • The train journeys between the origin and the starting point of the INTRA_RAIL LIVE TRIP have a 20% discount if booked in advance and availability of the type of service (Intercidades 2nd class, Regional and InteRegional). The Lisbon and Oporto urban trains are not included in this discount.
  • The transfers between the train stations and the youth hostels are not included in the INTRA_RAIL LIVE TRIP service. This service is paid for separately.
  • There is the possibility of up-grading from a multiple room to a double room if you pay the difference.

Contact us for information and to book your journey with at least seven working days' notice. Everything will be handled together.
You can book your INTRA_RAIL LIVE TRIP through:

  •, giving us your name, number of participants, sarting and finishing dates and the station to pay and pick up your tickets. You must also say which journey you want to go on. 
  • or 707 233 233