INTRA_RAIL XCape and XPlore

Portugal wasn’t made for staying at home. Travel on our trains and discover the beauty the country has to offer.

INTRA_RAIL offers unlimited travel on consecutive days on Intercidades (2nd class), Regional, InterRegional and urban trains as well as Youth Hostel accommodation with breakfast included. 

Choose the one that suits you best - XCape (3 days) or XPlore (7days).

Check here CP Stations and Youth Hostels' map.

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The INTRA_RAIL card can be used by youths aged 12 to 30 inclusive and is valid for 3 (XCape) or 7 days (XPlore).

  • The INTRA_RAIL card is personal, inalienable and valid for a year after it is bought.
  • When you buy the card, your name and card validity will be put on it. If you want to get the E.Y.C Youth Card discount on the INTRA_RAIL ticket, you have to show your card when you buy the ticket and when you are on the trains) and the name on the card and on the ticket have to be the same.
  • The INTRA_RAIL card is activated in the CP stations (or on board the train if the ticket office at the station where you got on is closed.) and/or at the Youth Hostels when you use it for the first time. When the card is activated the start and stop dates are written on it.
  • The INTRA_RAIL cannot be refunded or reissued as neither can the journeys it gives you the right to.

Note: If you do not comply with these requirements (the INTRA_RAIL has not been activated or has been tampered with, the person using it is not the owner, the train ticket is not valid) you are considered to be travelling without a ticket and may be fined.

The INTRA_RAIL card is not a train ticket, you always have to get your train tickets from a ticket office in advance by showing your INTRA_RAIL card and ID document (citizen's card or driving licence).

  • Exceptionally, you can get the tickets on board the train if you cannot buy a ticket at the station where you got on. If you want to travel on the Lisbon urban trains, just validate your Viva Viagem card which you get with your INTRA_RAIL.
  • You have to show your INTRA_RAIL card and ID document along with the ticket that was issued for your journey whenever asked by a ticket inspector.

Fertagus: There are also discounts on Fertagus services if you show your INTRA_RAIL card.

  • The Youth Hostel accommodation should be booked in advance to check availability by calling 707 233 233 or the booking centre on or directly with the Youth Hostel where you want to stay;
  • When you book, tell the Youth Hostel you have an INTRA_RAIL and give them the card number;
  • The INTRA_RAIL gives you the right to stay in a multiple room and breakfast. You can up-grade to a double room by paying the difference.
Note: prices in euros including VAT
Product Price Youth card?
INTRA_RAIL XCape (3 days)  64  without youth card
58 with youth card
INTRA_RAIL XPlore (7 days)  146  without youth card
127 with youth card

The INTRA_RAIL is sold throughout the country at the following sales points.

CP stations
Braga; Oporto Campanhã; Oporto São Bento; Aveiro; Coimbra; Lisbon Oriente; Lisbon Santa Apolónia; Entrecampos; Cais do Sodré;Portimão.

If you want to buy your INTRA_RAIL not served by one of the stations mentioned above, you can always book the INTRA_RAIL by sending a mail to, giving your name, the type of ticket you want (XCape or XPlore), starting and finishing dates and which station you want to pick up and pay for the ticket with at least three working days' between the request day and the collection day.

Youth Hostels

Abrantes; Alcoutim; Alfeizerão-São Martinho do Porto; Alijó, Aljezur-Arrifana; Almada; Almograve; Alvados-Porto de Mós; Areia Branca; Aveiro; Beja; Braga; Bragança; Castelo Branco; Catalazete-Oeiras; Coimbra; Espinho; Évora; Faro; Foz Côa; Foz do Cávado; Guimarães; Idanha a Nova; Lagos; Lisbon; Lisbon-Parque das Nações; Lousã; Melgaço; Ovar; Penhas da Saúde; Ponte de Lima; Portimão; Oporto; Santa Cruz-Torres Vedras; São Pedro do Sul; Tavira; Viana do Castelo; Vila Nova de Cerveira; Vilarinho das Furnas; Viseu.

The INTRA_RAIL is sold online at