Global Pass

Imagine a pass that would let you travel freely throughout Europe with unlimited journeys, now available for youths of up to 28 years old

See routes for the journeys at Interrail map and check conditions for Interrail Global Pass:

Four Steps to Choosing the Right Interrail Pass
Fancy discovering Europe with Interrail? Just follow these four steps in order to choose the right Interrail Pass for you!

Where would you like to travel in Europe?
Select the countries you would like to visit and decide whether you want to travel with a Global or a One Country Pass.

How many days would you like to travel for?
Select the Pass validity that best suits your needs, such as 5 days of travel within a 15-day period (Flexi Pass) or 1 month continuous validity.

Which class would you like to travel in?
Decide whether you would like to travel in 1st or 2nd Class.

When would you like to travel?
Decide when you would like to travel and buy your Pass. If trains require a reservation, please book them in advance.

The Interrail Global Pass is valid in 30 countries: France, Germany, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Montenegro, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey e Portugal as well as the ATTICA and MINOAN ferries that run between Italy and Greece. 

The Interrail Global Pass lets you travel on the train companies in the Interrail community countries, except in your own country.

Residents in Portugal can get a half-price ticket to a border-crossing station or to Lisbon, Oporto or Faro station, which serve international airports.

Validity Youth Adult Senior
(12-27) (28-59) (60 or over)
1st class 2nd class 1st class 2nd class 1st class 2nd class

Note: prices in euros including VAT

5 days travel in 15 days (Flexi) 286 208 358 269 321 242
7 days travel in 1 month (Flexi) 340 255 425 320 382 289
10 days travel in 1 month (Flexi) 407 305 509 381 457 344
15 days travel in 1 month (Flexi) 501 376 626 472 563 424
15 days in a row 449 337 562 421 507 380
22 days in a row 526 394 657 493 592 444
1 month 681 510 850 637 767 574

Children aged up to 11 inclusive, travel with a free Interrail whenever they travel with an adult who has an Interrail pass. Up to two childrens' passes can be issued for ever adult pass. 

Some trains and boats have special terms and conditions that cost extra, such as:

  • seat reservations;
  • use of berths (bunks, beds or sleeperettes) on trains;
  • use of cabins, bunks and reclining seats on the ships;
  • ship supplements at certain times of year;
  • harbour taxes.

Check the supplements for specific trains.

The Interrail Global Pass is on sale up to three months in advance from CP international ticket offices.

See the official Interrail site for other possibilities

The Rail Planner App lets you plan your Interrail and you always have the times for all the trains in Europe wherever you are (even without Internet access.

The free App can be downloaded for iPhone and Android.