On the Sud to San Sebastián

A city surrounded by the sea and embraced by the mountains that were in the right place at the right time.

I've been thinking of doing something crazy for a while now. That's why I left the house with my mind made up: "Today I'm going to find somewhere to get lost". Not by chance, (I believe everything happens for a reason), that day I discovered that CP has a fantastic discount to the Spanish city of San Sebastián, for just €28.20.

So I dusted off my Spanish phrase book and got to work! I packed a bag and went away for the weekend to the city of surf! I discovered that apart from a great price, there was a sleeper train that let me save the price of a hotel and let me rest during the journey. As son as I stepped onto the train it was love at first sight!
The European Capital of Culture 2016 is the true expression of urban art with some amazing architecture, a tremendous cultural programme and direct access to the beach! Could there ever be a more perfect destination?
I was fascinated by how many people there were out on the street, pathways and cycle paths stamping a great dynamic on the minds of visitors.
I decided to take a walk through the old part of the city, Parte Vieja, which comes to life at about 20:00. There are Spanish tapas everywhere and the smell of the Basque flavours is such a temptation! I advise you to try the traditional tapas Pintxo and Txikito (an aperitif and traditional wine with a funny name).

The nexct morning I went to explore the mountains! Monte Igueldo offers a marvellous view of the city and the sea and Monte Urgull, in the heart of the city that tenderly welcomes the past of the city's inhabitants and where you can find lots of churches and museums top visit. One of my favourite corners of the city was at one end of the Baía de la Concha, where you can find the  Pente dos Ventos, a marvellous sculpture embedded in the rocks. 

It's incredible how fast my weekend went by and how San Sebastián became a pleasant surprise and a refuge for ever. I really hope to go back there. Thank you CP for the tip!
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CP Services: Sud Expresso

Praia de la Concha

Praia Ondarreta (O Pente Dos Ventos)

Cidade Velha de San Sebástian

Monte Igueldo

Monte Urgull

Catedral do Bom Pastor

Palácio de Congressos and Auditório Kursaal

Bar Zeruko

Juantxo Taberna


La Cuchara de San Telmo