The office that became a party

The best part of the journey is the journey itself.

December has arrived. Working lunches and dinners with friends… Everything for Christmas. It's not that I don't like it, you can have Christmas every month as far as I'm concerned. But the financial gymnastics so so you get to all the places you have to be, is not al all easy.

And if it is hard enough to organise my own agenda guess who got chosen to organise the company's Christmas lunch? Me, of course!

But I am tough so I decided wouldn't let the team down, (particularly my boss). The atmosphere in the office has always been fairly easy going, but if this goes wrong, I'm sure everyone will remember.

Restaurants, boats, cuisine workshops, I could always think of someone who would hate any of these ideas and then after searching all over the net I found myself on the CP site: A tailor-made journey for 20 people where the prices are amazing and there are special conditions.  Two or three clicks and emails later everything was organised.

D day arrived.

“Come on everyone, come aboard this journey that is not going to disappoint you”.

I didn't know how the plan I had organised would go, but I do know that sometimes the best part of the journey is the journey itself rather than the destination. And this had everything it needed to go well! 

Our office party was now on the rails. And the carriage was all for us, though actually we had two because in the second carriage (bar) there was a fantastic buffet waiting for us with wonderful Portuguese feed that just kept you coming back for more.

You could hear laughter, jokes, stories that couldn't have been told within the four walls of the office in Lisbon.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and we all felt the Christmas spirit a few days early.

We got to our destination, Aveiro, ready for a trip in a seaweed harvesting boat and a guided tour of the town, all suggested by CP and with 5-star organisation. 

And if this trip was unforgettable… The return journey will have to wait for another chapter but beating my Christmas lunch is going to be hard.

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