MiraDouro, a charming train

For the real train journey fans until 30 September.

Have a great day out on a journey to Tua and enjoy the old carriages along the Douro line with stunning countryside in one of the most beautiful parts of Portugal. It wouldn’t be fair to keep a journey like this all to ourselves when the MiraDouro has so many stories, so many people, great views out the windows. This is the Douro. This part of Portugal where the Schindler carriages take us on our journey. 

We leave from Oporto. The MiraDouro is waiting for us in S. Bento station. My anxiety was great, the scenery so familiar always calls me back and it always seems different as if I was always discovering a new secret every time I go. After finding my seat, the train pulls out. Other passengers boarded at the next stations. Many Portuguese, some foreigners, children and youths too. Because apart from being a journey that should be shared with everyone, it is also a journey that should be lived by everyone. Everybody was in a good mood with conversations, laughter, happy meetings. This is how we made our way up the line. The MiraDouro opening the way sticking close to the Douro. 

It was a hot, sunny day. There was going to be unforgettable scenery and stops at some of Portugal’s most beautiful stations, a visit to Régua, to Pinhão and the highly anticipated arrival at Tua. Inside the train, families and friends all had their heads out of the windows with the wind in their hair and the sounds of the old carriages, just like we had been promised. 

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