Almond blossom

A trip that waits for the almond blossom to appear and the pink flowers to bloom”. by Teresinha da Cunha Pinto.

After a beautiful journey with the Douro vine terraces sliding past the carriage window, we finally reach Pocinho. And a new journey begins. A trip to see the almond trees bloom pink and white, a trip through hills, valleys, green and flowers. A trip to the most attractive scenery in the north of Portugal. 

Only silence could understand the mysteries that nature hides away. The birds that sing far off with joy in their voice, and the vain sun that is reflected in the river, the hills we cross draped in tones of green. Silence manages to understand, but so do we, almost without noticing and almost without wanting to.  

It is the best that Vila Nova de Foz Côa has to give. A countryside that asks for silence that eternalises what the eyes see and that is waiting for you.

Castelo Rodrigo is a historical town protected by walls that guard the secrets of history in its streets and lanes.

The inhabitants of Castelo Rodrigo enthusiastically boast about their village and have the moving joy in their eyes of people who give part of themselves. They enjoy to see lots of people walking through their village, people who wander through the streets and imagine a life like that. A life with the right to narrow streets, steps and staircases, castle, pillory and church, a thousand open doors that that share the village they hold dear. 

Barca d’Alva, well in the north of the district of Guarda, is inside the International Douro Natural Park.

Everyone wants to see the river flowing past the bridge crossing over it.  There are lots of tourists and they are all overwhelmed by the scenery. Wide smiles and constant flashes are sighs of enchantment, they are breaks for a rest and snacks to taste, and the will to return. 

We reach the Penedo Durão view point. Its breathtaking greatness of a scenery that has life to give.

Step by step, almost in single file, we descend the steps that lead up to the railings where the eyes look without fear. The mimosas decorate the path, the huge, strong cliffs tower over us and there, Our Lady of the Douro guards and protects nature. And us, just us, whop in just one day have collected memories for a lifetime. 

See the snapshots taken on the trip here.