Beira Alta and the blazing sun

“In Beira Alta the wind brings stories of others”. By Tatiana Albino.

Spring brings us the scents and the cooing of the animals around us.

Summer saves the golden shine of laughter-filled afternoons.

Autumn changes the field-side colours and prepares life for the cold.

Winter drapes white over the land and icicles from the trees and folk huddle around their fireplaces. 

Flavours smile in all seasons. Fresh-baked bread, smoked sausages, well-cured cheese

… sweets. Everything the fields closest to heavens hold are worth the effort to reach them. 

Because in Beira Alta, hearts beat stronger. 

Craftsmen’s hands sculpt stories from objects and children run free. 

In Beira Alta, emotions set the pace. 

Adventures are engraved on the stones on the paths. 

In Beira Alta, dreaming is living.

Tatiana Albino

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