Saturday Night Fever

Go by train to Coliseu do Porto Ageas on March 7 with €2 tickets

The musical tells the story of Tony Manero, a young man who lives in Brooklyn borough. A gallant and excellent dancer in disco sound, who is happy only on weekends after spending the whole week working in a monotonous paint shop. Under the influence of his brother - a frustrated priest - and Stephanie - his dance partner – Tony begins to question the way he views life and the limitation of his perspectives. At the same time, Tony is experiencing a love crisis as he prepares to participate in the most important dance contest of his life!

CP Services: Oporto urban trains

We recommend the Oporto São Bento Station, which is 500 m from Coliseu do Porto.

Oporto Urban Trains

Special €2 return ticket on the Oporto Urban Trains, valid on March 7, for journeys from any station to Oporto.  The proof that you are entitled to the discount is shown at the time you buy the train ticket and on board, during the inspection, upon presenting the show ticket.

To travel on the Oporto Urban Trains, you just need a Siga card, without journeys, or a CP Pass. If you do not have a Siga card, you can buy one for an additional cost €0.50. The payment on board can only be made in cash. Before boarding the train, you must always validate your ticket.

The special €2 return ticket on the Oporto Urban Trains cannot be refunded nor reissued.

This ticket cannot be used together with other discounts or special offers in force.

Oporto Urban Trains

Special €2 return ticket available from the CP ticket offices from March 3, or on board on the day itself if none of the aforementioned sales points are available at the departure site.

If you travel on the Oporto Urban Trains, you can use a large range of free car parks and we offer you special rates at the paid parks.