Roger Waters - special train

20 and 21 May, Altice Arena, with return to Braga on a special train.

Roger Waters is coming back to Europe for a new tour - Us + Them, that includes Pink Floyd classics and new material from his solo work.

Get your CP Voucher CP until 23 March by showing your concert admission ticket and make the most of the special rate journey!

CP Services: Intercidades | Oporto urban trains

The Altice Arena is about a five-minute walk from Lisbon Oriente station.


You can catch any Northern line Intercidades train down to Lisbon and then get back home after the concert in the early hours of 21 and 22 May on special Intercidades trains to Braga that call at the following stations: 

Stations Time
Lisbon Oriente 00:30


Entroncamento 01:20
Pombal 01:58
Coimbra B 02:27
Aveiro 02:5
Espinho 03:17
Gaia 03:28
Porto Campanhã 03:33
Famalicão 04:01
Nine 04:07
Braga 04:21

CP Voucher - Intercidades

Three fare zones have been created for the CP Voucher depending on where you board the train:

Zone Intercidades – Return - 2nbd class Price
Braga Braga, Famalicão and Nine €32.00
Oporto Porto, Gaia, Espinho and Aveiro €30.00
Centre Coimbra-B, Pombal, Entroncamento and Santarém €24.00

Oporto Urban Trains

Special €2 return ticket on the Oporto urban trains on the Braga, Guimarães, Marco and Aveiro lines as an add-on to your Northern line journey. Valid for travel between 19 and 22 May, depending on the date on your Intercidades ticket and it must be bought at the same time as you book your journey.

CP Voucher - Intercidades

Available from the CP ticket offices until 23 March. You have to show your concert ticket to prove you have the right to this discount.

You must later exchange the voucher for the train tickets that you want at CP ticket offices between 24 March and 21 May.

Oporto Urban Trains

Special €2 return tickets available from CP ticket offices (as long as they are an add-on to the long-distance ticket).

If you are coming down from Braga or Oporto – Campanhã, you can get special rates at the station car parks.

If you travel on the Oporto urban trains, you can use its large range of free car parks and there are special rates at the paid parks.

If you want to spend the night in Lisbon, we have special rates for you at:

  • Parceria Accor:
    ibis Lisboa: Parque das Nações
    Tivoli Oriente
  • Tryp: Lisboa Oriente Parque das Nações.