Presidential train 2024

More than a journey, it's an immersive experience on board a true museum on rails.

This project, which brings together CP - Comboios de Portugal, the National Railway Museum Foundation and Chef Chakall, is a celebration of Portugal's railway history, transforming a museum piece into a dynamic, interactive experience. This project begins in March 2024 to offer 20 exceptional journeys over 10 weekends, each one a celebration of Portugal.

Each trip will highlight one of 10 Douro estates, allowing each of them to showcase the best of their production.

On board, passengers will be able to savour dishes, prepared by Chef Chakall, that reflect the rich cuisine of the Douro, with each trip featuring a main course prepared by a local chef renowned for his speciality, rather than the glamour of the restaurant.

Stories will be shared during the journey about the train, the Douro and the places the train passes through, making each journey a rich, memorable cultural experience.

By integrating ten of the Douro's emblematic estates, the Presidential Train becomes a vibrant extension of the region itself. Each estate, with its history, wine and tradition, transforms the train into a stage where the Douro is revealed in all its glory. This approach ensures that each journey is not just a passage through the region, but a deep dive into its essence.

Under the guidance of Chef Chakall, the cuisine on board will be a mosaic of Douro flavours. The real magic, however, comes with the inclusion of local restaurants on each trip. These restaurants, chosen for the authenticity of their dishes, will bring delicacies to the table that are the soul of Douro gastronomy. This partnership with regional restaurants is not just a culinary choice, but a commitment to making the Presidential Train an extension of the Douro community. Always under the command of Chef Chakall.

The journeys will be enriched with narratives about the train and the Douro, weaving a fabric of stories that connect passengers with the region, and the essence of what it means to be Douro. This narrative experience ensures that all the passengers take a part of the Douro with them, not just in their memories, but in their hearts.

The Presidential Train 2024 promises to be much more than a journey of refinement - it is a mobile ambassador for the Douro, bringing the soul, food, wine and stories of this unique region into its coaches. The mission is to ensure that each passenger only travels through the Douro and experiences, feels and lives the Douro in all its dimensions on board a museum piece.

Price: €750

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