Portugal calls out. For you. For all of us

Help keeping our country green.

The fire season is near and it is of utmost importance to not repeat the tragedies of the past. Most fires are caused by behaviours that can and should be avoided. Therefore, CP reminds you:

  • That burnings are not advised during the summer season and have rules to be complied with. In fact, they are responsible for more than half of the fires in Portugal.
  • To not launch rockets.
  • To not use agricultural machinery on days of maximum fire risk.
  • That it is essential that owners register and look after their land. 94% of the forest area is privately owned and negligence is one of the major causes of ignition and spread of fire.

In the worst days of fires it is impossible for operational resources to reach everywhere, so prevention is the best option by far. Be careful.

For you. For all of us.

Further details at portugalchama.pt or through the phone number 808 200 520.