LEME Festival

From December 5 to 8, go to Ílhavo, Aveiro, by train for €2.

Ílhavo territory and its strong maritime component prompted the founding of the identity of LEME - Festival de Circo Contemporâneo e Criação Artística em Espaços Não Convencionados - a festival that not only presents different creative approaches, but challenges creation, experimentation and critical thinking. With an agenda that creates new dynamics and audiences for Ílhavo, LEME has been part of the Ílhavo tradition and builds a new narrative in which the contemporary circus dictates the coordinates.

The festival organisation provides free transfers between Aveiro station and Ílhavo. 


CP Services: Oporto urban trains

The Aveiro Station is 7 km from the venue, and the organisation provides transfers from the station to the venue.

Oporto Urban Trains

Special €2 return ticket on the Oporto Urban Trains, valid between December 5 and 8, for journeys on the Oporto Urban Trains from any station to Aveiro.

To travel on the Oporto Urban Trains, you just need a Siga card, without journeys or a CP Pass card. If you do not have a Siga card, you can buy one for an additional cost of €0.50. The payment on board can only be made in cash. Before boarding the train, you must always validate your ticket.

The special €2 return tickets on the Oporto Urban Trains cannot be refunded nor reissued.

It cannot be used together with other discounts or special offers in force.

Oporto Urban Trains

Special €2 return tickets are available from the CP ticket offices from December 1, or on board on the day itself if none of the aforementioned sales points are available at the departure site.

If you travel on the Oporto Urban Trains, you can use its large range of free car parks and there are special rates at the paid parks.