Grease - Musical

On May 25, travel by train to Coliseum of Oporto.

The Musical which gained worldwide recognition through its film – premiering exactly 40 years ago – is finally in Portugal giving much to talk about!

After several sold out sessions at Salão Preto e Prata of Casino Estoril – where it received close to 30 000 viewers – “Grease, O Musical" finally arrives to the iconic Coliseum of Oporto!

Taking place in California in the late 1950s and early 1960s, Grease tells us the story of a summer love between a teenage couple. Danny and Sandy exchange promises of love during the holidays and are surprised by fate when they reunite in high school. From that moment, they will have to deal with all typical teenage problems and their group of friends, in an amusing plot reflecting the behaviour of young people at that time. The happy ending melts hearts and the unusual humour of teenagers in the prime of age makes this storyline a cross-generational classic, continuing on the scene in numerous theatres in the US.

The cast is comprised of Diogo Morgado and Mariana Marques Guedes in the leading roles, and also Ana Queirós, Beatriz Barosa, Carlota de Bastos Carreira, Catarina Siqueira, Diogo Faria, Diogo Velez, Emanuel Almeida, João A. Guimarães, Joana Oliveira, Jorge Rosa, Luisa Salgueiro, Maria Sampaio, Ricardo Trêpa and Samuel de Albuquerque.


CP Services: Oporto urban trains

We suggest the Oporto São Bento Station, which is 500-metre walk from Coliseum of Oporto.

Oporto Urban Trains

Benefit from the special €2 return ticket on the Oporto Urban Trains, valid on May 25, for journeys from any station to Oporto.

To travel on the Oporto Urban Trains, you only need a Siga card without journeys or a CP Pass card. If you do not have a Siga card, you can buy one for an additional cost of €0.50. The payment on board can only be made in cash. Before boarding the train, you must always validate your ticket.

The special €2 return tickets, on the Oporto Urban Trains, cannot be reissued nor refunded.

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Oporto Urban Trains

The special €2 return tickets are available from the CP ticket offices from May 21, or on board on the day itself if none of the aforementioned sales points are available at the departure site.

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