Banksy, Dismaland and Others

Until March 31, at the Alfândega do Porto building.

“Banksy, Dismaland and Others” by Barry Cawston is a powerful exhibition which takes us on a journey through this phenomenal work, of an artist who uses his art for more than 25 years to question the society values and which will take place, for the first time, in Portugal.

The exhibition – which features 44 large scale photographs (240 x 188) – includes images of the Dismaland project (2015), the famous theme park created by Banksy, in a clear satire of the Disney parks and one of his most incredible work. In addition, the exhibition will also include other identifying works of the artist, such as “Walled Off Hotel” (2017) or “Flower Thrower” (2005), one of his best-known works.

Apart from the Barry Cawston photographs, the exhibition will also integrate a series of works from young Portuguese artists, serving as a launch pad for new names in the urban art universe.

To complete the exhibition, an audio-visual installation will be available, where documentaries about Banksy and his work will be projected, highlighting artworks, emphasising controversies and approaching his geniality. “Banksy does New York" (2014) and "Saving Banksy" (2017) are some of the documentaries focused on Banksy's work available for viewing.


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