Family & Friends

You have two days’ holidays every week and you don’t even remember them.

Make the most of the 50% discount with family & friends tickets. Do something different this weekend and travel with your family or friends.

Family & Friends are for groups of three to nine people regardless pf whether they are members of the same family or not, who travel together, with at least one adult. 

Travel, have fun and discover new places, other customs, other tastes. See our suggestions here.


CP Services: Alfa Pendular | Intercidades | Oporto urban trains

  • Families and small groups of 3 to 9 people who buy tickets for return journeys on Saturdays and Sundays on the following trains.
  • All Saturdays and Sundays, returning the same weekend or any other one, subject to ticket availability on all Alfa Pendular and Intercidades trains and both classes.
  • The tickets must all be purchased together for travel on the same day, train class and origin/destination.
  • If any of these conditions are altered, the difference with a full-price ticket will be changed for all the groups and the complete return journey.
  • These tickets are on sale from CP ticket offices or travel agents that work with CP and up to 60 days in advance or on board the train if the ticket office is closed.
  • 50% off list price (Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or special offers such as return discounts of special prices for children and senior citizens). Prices rounded up to the next 50 cents.
  • The tickets for the entire group can be reissued for the same weekend or for a later weekend. However, if the tickets are reissued for any other train than those mentioned below, the difference from the full return ticket will be charged.
  • The tickets for the entire group can be refunded according to the regulations


Sunday journeys can be taken on the following trains:

Line Train Departure time From To
Alfa Pendular north 130 06:07 Braga Lisbon
131 07:00 Lisbon Braga
141 08:00 Lisbon Guimarães
124 11:47 Oporto Lisbon

Alfa Pendular Porto/Faro

180 05:47 Oporto Faro
182 07:00 Faro Oporto
Beira Alta 510 07:07 Guarda Lisbon
511 08:30 Lisbon Guarda
Intercidades north 620 07:43 Guimarães Lisbon
721 09:30 Lisbon Oporto
720 10:05 Braga Lisbon
523 11:30 Lisbon Oporto
Beira Baixa 540 07:31 Covilhã Lisbon
541 08:15 Lisbon Covilhã
Intercidades Faro 670 08:24 Faro Oriente
570 10:02 Oriente Faro
Intercidades Alentejo 594 09:52 Oriente Évora
585 11:19 Casa Branca Beja
582 08:22


Casa Branca
692 09:06 Évora Oriente
  • The ticket is valid for the day it is bought for an unlimited number of journeys on the chosen route on the Aveiro, Braga, Guimarães and Marco de Canaveses lines.
  • These tickets can only be used to travel at the weekends and public holidays. The ticket is only valid for the day it is purchased for (you must say what day, when you buy the ticket).
  • The tickets can be bought up to 15 days in advance.
  • The 50% discount applies to the price of three return tickets. Prices are rounded up to the nearest 5 cents.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or special offers.
  • Only on sale from Oporto urban train ticket offices.