Lisbon Oriente park - International trains

If you travel on the Lusitânia and/or Sud Expresso, come and see the parking rates we can offer.

Passengers with a return ticket or an outward and inward ticket for the Lusitânia Comboio Hotel or the Sud Expresso, get special rates at Lisbon Oriente station car park.

CP Services: Sud Expresso | Lusitânia Comboio Hotel (Lisbon/Madrid)

(Valid after January 2017)

Hours Lisbon Oriente
Up to 24 h 4.50
24h to 36h 7.50
36h to 48h 9.50
48h to 60h 12.00
60h to 72h 14.50

After the 72 hours, the normal park rates will be charged. To enjoy these rates show your valid train ticket on your return along with the slip at the manual payment office.