Park & Ride - Sintra Line

Train + Sintra line parking all on one card.

Leave your car at the Sintra line car parks at Portela de Sintra, Mira Sintra/Meleças, Monte Abraão or Queluz-Belas stations and travel to work in comfort.

Our partnership with Empresa Municipal de Estacionamento de Sintra (EMES) means we can offer pleasurable parking conditions for passengers with CP Lisbon urban train monthly passes. 


CP Services: Lisbon urban trains

Portela de Sintra, Monte Abraão and Queluz Belas – CP monthly pass + €12

Mira Sintra/Meleças -  CP monthly pass + €7.50

The sale of the CP monthly pass with parking is available between 26 and 30 of each month and is valid for the following month.

The combined  CP monthly pass with parking offers these passengers the right to travel on their chosen route and park at the car park they choose when they pay, between the first and last day of the following month. 

The ticket is only valid for the chosen route and chosen car park. 

The Train + Parking ticket is loaded onto a Lisboa Viva card, which is used to access the car park.

Unlimited number of entrances into the park while the ticket is valid.

Parking limited to the number of places:
- Portela de Sintra: 30
- Mira Sintra/Meleças: 450
- Monte Abraão: 368
- Queluz-Belas: 30

Available from the CP ticket office at the station that serves the intended car park.