Park & Ride - Cascais line

Train + parking on the one card, now for passes too.

The best way to get to work.

Leave your car in the parks and parking areas at Cascais, Estoril, S. João, S. Pedro and Carcavelos to avoid the traffic, the parking meters and the difficulties in finding a space.

Make the most of the favourable parking conditions offered to passengers with Multi-operator Passes valid on the Lisbon urban trains in partnership with ParC - Cascais Próxima, the Cascais municipal parking manager company.

If you have a CP train pass you can also use the favourable conditions. See MobiCascais packages here 

CP Services: Lisbon urban trains

If you have a CP train pass, see the MobiCascais packages.

If you have a Youth Pass or Multi-operator Pass – Parking place at Cascais, Estoril, S. João, S. Pedro or Carcavelos: 

  • Pass price  + €12

The CP Youth pass or monthly pass and parking is valid for 30 calendar days as of the purchase and gives the holder the right to travel on the selected route and park in the park they chose when they bought the pass.

The Park & Ride pass is loaded onto a Lisboa Viva card.

Before buying the combined pass, you have to register on  or call 214 647 760.

In the parking areas at S. Pedro, S. João, Estoril and Cascais you can park in any empty space. The Carcavelos park has fixed reserved places. There is no limit on the use of the park/parking area while the pass is valid.

The sale of Park & Ride passes is limited to the number of available spaces.

See the conditions of use.

Before buying your all-in-one ticket, you must register on the platform or call 214 647 760. After registering you can go to any Cascais line ticket office. Packages that include parking at Carcavelos Park are only available from the Carcavelos station ticket office.