MobiCascais packages

Integrated Cascais line mobility

The best solution for getting to work or school.

The MobiCascais mobility plan launched by Cascais town council is an innovate project in Portugal that helps improve the quality of life with gains in efficiency for the passengers and the environment.

This multimodal plan is based on public transport as a real alternative to using the car and it includes a series of services: Parking, Bikesharing, Bikeparking, Bus Shuttles to Cascais and Carcavelos stations and Surf Bus (beach, promenade and Guincho) and train.

CP Services: Lisbon urban trains

MobiCascais mobility packages   Pass
Name Services 1 Zone  2 Zones  3 Zones  4 Zones 
Mobi BusCas CP Mobi Bus (busCas) + Praça de Touros park + biCas (30 min/day) + CP Train (always starting from Cascais station: 1 zone Cascais » Parede/ 2 zones Cascais » Paço de Arcos /3 zones Cascais » Algés/ 4 zones Cascais » Cais do Sodré
44.20  46.05  57.60   64.30
Mobi BusCas SDR CP* Mobi Bus + S.D. Rana park (Leclerc) + biCas (30 min/day)  + CP train  37.00 38.85 50.40  57.10
Mobi ParC CP +
Mobi Cascais parking + biCas + Train  32.00 33.85 45.40 52.10
Mobi ParC CP Mobi Cascais parking + Train 29.00 30.85 42.40  49.10

Monthly pass prices in euros


Mobi.ParC – after registering on paysimplex you can buy a package at a Lisbon urban train Cascais line ticket office. See here 

Parking: MobiCascais zones – See here

Bikesharing: MobiCascais is going to have 1,200 conventional and electric bikes. On the Cascais line they are going to be found at Cascais, Estoril and São João do Estoril stations.

MobiCascais BUS: Shuttles between the parking places (cars and bikes) and the stations at Cascais and Carcavelos. See here 

  • Mobi BusCas CP, fixed monthly pass, valid for the month after it is bought or topped up. On sale from the 26th of each month.
  • Other packages, flexible packages valid for 30 calendar days of the day it is bought or topped up. 

The monthly combined packages are topped up on a Lisboa Viva card, which is used to catch the trains and buses. Always remember to keep your transport ticket receipts with you

Unlimited access to the car parking while the pass is valid.

Parking limited to available spaces.

Available from Lisbon urban train ticket offices – Cascais line. Packages that include parking at Carcavelos Park are only available from the Carcavelos station ticket office.

Bus + parking + train package (mobi.busCas.CP) – To get the package, call MobiCascais to activate the subscription - MobiCascais 214 647 767.

Parking + train package (mobi.ParC.CP) – register on paysimplex, buy the package and call MobiCascais to activate the subscription - 241 647 767

After registering,go to a Cascais line ticket office.