Lisbon puppet museum

Make the most of our discounts and visit this museum in the 'Convento das Bernardas' in Lisbon's Santos district.

The museum's display shows a general panorama of puppets from around the world with a wide range of different types, shapes and construction processes, but it also focusses on the study and understanding of Portuguese puppets. It also has a special section dedicated to puppets from television and the animation industry. 

CP Services: Lisbon urban trains

Santos station is just a 10-minute walk away from the museum.

30% off your admission ticket if you show a Tourist Travelcard or a monthly pass that is valid for the Lisbon urban trains (show your Viva Viagem or Lisboa Viva card and the respective receipt).

For anyone who wants to get a CP group ticket to travel on the Lisbon urban trains  (15 people or more), book in advance and then show the proof of the journey:

  • Free visit to the museum if you buy a workshop
  • 50% off a topic visit or a visit with the Robertos (€1.50 instead of €3 per person) 

Contact for further details.