Pagaqui Agents

There is a Ticket Office on your street. 

You can now buy tickets or get a pass for all Oporto urban trains from any Pagaqui agent.

You can find a Pagaqui agent in and around Oporto, Braga and Aveiro. See the locations here.

CP Services: Oporto urban trains

Give your card to a Pagaqui agent and say how many tickets you want. If you don't have one, just buy for €0.50 and as many journeys as you want.

After paying, the Pagaqui agent will give you the receipt, which you should keep till the end of validity.

Further details Siga card or Andante card.

Give your pass Cartão Assinatura CP (valid for Oporto urban trains) to a Pagaqui agent. If you want any other kind of pass, go to a CP Ticket Office.

Further details: Siga Pass Card.