Cleaning and disinfection of trains - Contingency Plan COVID 19 - CP

CP has reinforced the current cleaning of the most used surfaces, such as handrails and push buttons - using the products recommended by the Directorate-General of Health - since the implementation of its contingency plan.

As of March 16, CP intensified the disinfection operations of trains with the arrival of thirty-two (32) sprayers suitable for the application of the products recommended by the Directorate-General of Health. With this equipment, the speed and effectiveness of the virucidal products will be spread with greater efficiency in more than 1,000 railway vehicles - including carriages, locomotives and railcars of different type.

As of March 18, CP will start spraying the entire fleet on a monthly basis, using a long-acting virucidal product.

CP - Comboios de Portugal constantly follows the evolution of this situation, together with the authorities and the Government Tutelage, in order to adapt its operation to the needs and requirements of each moment.

Video at YouTube CP.