From November 26 - Temporary suspension of train services – Caíde-Marco de Canaveses

On November 26, Infraestruturas de Portugal (Portugal Infrastructures), due to the electrification works of the Douro Line, will temporarily suspend the train services between Caíde and Marco de Canaveses, for an expected period of three months.

As train services will not take place at this stretch and mobility conditions need to be ensured to the customers of the Douro Line while the works are carried out, CP-Comboios de Portugal will provide a replacement bus service at the closed stretch (Caíde-Marco de Canaveses), in order to complement the train connections between Oporto and Caíde and between Marco de Canaveses and Pocinho.

At the stretch between Marco de Canaveses and Pocinho – which will be isolated from the remaining rail network – the rail connections will be carried out in trains with an engine and carriages, using material that has already been used on the Douro Line for the past two years, particularly the Miradouro train.

After all works are concluded and the complete line is reopened, CP foresees that the current timetables will be back in force.