CP train movements - Comboios de Portugal - Status - 12h

Following the serious fires yesterday and last night that continued this morning, several lines are interrupted that affect train operations, particularly on the northern and Beira Alta lines. The violence of the fires meant many roads has to be cut in the regions that were affected meaning no replacement bus services were available.

As regards the northern line, normal operations were only re-established at about 2:45 and passengers who had been stuck on their trains managed to get to their destinations, even if they were late.

This morning, operations on the Beira Alta are still suspended and four trains are stuck. Here is the status of the trains:

- internacional Sud – Lusitânia, in Vilar Formoso – about 160 passengers are being put on buses towards Lisbon;
- internacional Sud – Lusitânia, in Coimbra – at about 13:30 about 300 passengers will be put on buses;
- Intercidades train in Santa Comba Dão – at about 12:00 about 150 passengers will be put on buses heading towards Lisbon;
- Intercidades train in Coimbra - at about 12:00 about 150 passengers will be put on buses heading towards Guarda.

CP suspended the sale of tickets for the Beira Alta trains, which will remain in place until normal operations are resumed. Passengers who have bought tickets and want to cancel their journeys are guaranteed to get their money back.

CP is very sorry for all the situations that the passengers have suffered and in the context of the difficulties that have been felt, has done everything possible to resolve the transport of the passengers to their destinations as soon as possible.