Strike - October 1, 2018

CP apologises for any inconvenience caused by the strike called by a trade union for today.

This strike is taking place whilst the majority of CP employees are highly committed to improving the service provided by the company, which can be verified by the regularity rates accounting for rates above 98 per cent during the months of August and September in all services.

Regarding the causes raised by the trade union and justifying the protest action, CP informs you that:

1. The recruitment process for employees of the marketing area has already been scheduled, and will be carried out in stages;

2. The rolling stock purchase process is ongoing, as has been publicly disclosed, by CP and the Government, and it is expected to be launched during the upcoming weeks;

3. Negotiations regarding the Company Agreement have been ongoing, in consultation with several trade unions, and its development is within the established deadlines.

Therefore, CP sincerely apologises for this strike, which the company believes to be unreasonable considering the above information, as well as for the damages caused to everyone who needed trains for their day-to-day travels.