Strike - June 4

Due to a strike called by several Trade Unions, and due to the fact that no minimum services have been established by The Arbitration Tribunal of the Economic and Social Council, disruptions on the CP train services at national level are expected on June 4th.

The strike will affect the period between 00h00 and 24h00 of June 4th, but the impact on the services may be extended beyond such period. It is expected:

June 3rd

Delays and withdrawals affecting the CP services may occur, particularly during late afternoon and evening.

June 4th

Delays and withdrawals affecting all CP services may occur throughout the day.

June 5th

In the early hours of the morning and during the morning of June 5th, delays and withdrawals may still occur, but the gradual normalisation of the services is expected throughout the day.

The reasons given in the pre-notice regarding this strike, whose consequences will have an impact on the CP passengers’ mobility, fall completely outside the Company’s control or its intervention capability.

CP apologises for any inconvenience caused to its customers and recommends obtaining updated information on the circulation status of the trains, through the contact with the Company’s information channels, particularly the website www.cp.pt or the CP line 707 210 220.