In 2018 - CP Website searched by 13 million users

In 2018, the CP Website was searched by close to 13 million users who made a total of more than 28 million visits and 121 million views throughout the year. Compared to the same period of the previous year, the calculated metrics maintained a growth trend and increased by 12%, 8% and 21%, respectively.

The pages regarding timetables and prices, ticket sales and information related to these subjects were the most searched pages.

The seasonality verified in previous years was confirmed once again. The second half of the year registered a higher demand, due to the usual availability to travel at this time of the year, with summer tourist products and Music Festivals contributing to traffic increase.

With a daily average of about 35 000 users, the record of page views was achieved on the day the "Promo+" discount campaign was launched, reaching more than 710 000 views.

The obtained data reflects the company’s success in its commitment to implement a communication closer to its Customers.