CP installs ‘Slowness Radars’ in Oporto

CP – Comboios de Portugal is going to measure ow slow people drive in Oporto in a direct communication scheme...

to call attention to the advantages the train offers over other forms of urban transport in Oporto, just like it did earlier in Lisbon.

A speed radar is going to be set up at the junction of Rua das Fontainhas and Rua do Infante in Oporto and lots of drivers may be “fined for excessive slowness” and “notified” about the special monthly train pass offers.

This equipment is the first of its kind that catches drivers who are not driving too fast, but who are going too slow or even those who are stopped for no reason at all.

The idea is part of a new company advertising campaign focussing on life quality people can gain if they swap the car for the train to commute to work in the main cities and town in the country.

The radars are set up in areas of heavy traffic and CP sales teams will be giving out “slowness fines”.  Drivers are given the “fines” at traffic lights and they can then be exchanged for monthly rail passes on the Intercidades, Regional and Lisbon, Oporto or Coimbra urban trains, if the drivers buy a first monthly pass.

This campaign is only for drivers who do not have rail passes