Press Release - Strike

Following the release of the Railroad Union of the Sindicato Ferroviário da Revisão Comercial Itinerante (SFRCI), dated 2020.07.07, by which they claim that CP "violated the Strike Law", it is important to clarify the facts, restating the truth:

1. CP has not violated, nor violates, the right to strike.

2. By decision of the Economic and Social Council (CES), minimum services have been defined, in accordance with the law, in relation to the strike that was decreed by the SFRIC and is currently underway.

3. From all of the workers covered by the early strike notice, - namely, "all workers working on the Sado line" - several have not joined the strike.

4. The non-adherence of these workers, who normally work along the Sado line (Barreiro Overhaul Station), allowed CP to maintain the services necessary for its operation, without the need to resort to the minimum services defined in arbitration, within the scope of the CES.

5. As always, the operational management of the Sado line (Barreiro Overhaul Station) has been integrated with that of the Rossio Depot, and daily workers assigned to Rossio are employed to provide services on the Sado line, and the opposite may also occur.

6. In this regard, even the SFRCI acknowledges this fact in its early strike notice, when it claims, "abuses of power by the Chief Inspector of Rossio, in particular, in carrying out local changes on the scale of the Barreiro in force".

7. Even if this was not the case, as it is, the truth is that there was no replacement of strikers against the law, since the worker referred to by the SFRCI had already been assigned for duty on the Sado line since 02.07.2020.

In conclusion,

A) CP did not report which trains were chosen for the minimum services because, in full respect of the right to strike, it was able to supply the services with workers not adhering to the strike decreed by the SFRCI;

B) CP has always respected and will continue to fully respect the right to strike, in full compliance with the law.