Regional, InterRegional and Urban Trains of Coimbra – Now available through the Online Ticket Office and CP App

CP – Comboios de Portugal, as part of its aim to widen the range of products on sale online, now offers online journey sales for the Regional, InterRegional and Urban trains of Coimbra.

This feature, which came into force in March 2019, now allows for the purchase of tickets for these services in the Online Ticket Office and the CP App. It should be noted that, in 2010, the demand registered in the international and interregional trains was of around 11 million passengers.

The tickets purchased through these channels are available in the user account and can be sent by e-mail or SMS. On board, they may be displayed in digital format on the screen of mobile phones, computers or tablets without the need for paper proof.

This new functionality represents a clear improvement in customer service, taking on particular relevance in the current emergency context arising from the COVID-19 epidemic, as it allows for customer interactions with physical points of contact to be minimised when carrying out their journeys, thus reinforcing the DGS recommendations for the containment of the epidemic.

In 2019, the CP’s online sales channels showed a growth of 23% and 25% in revenue, which means that they were used by more than 2.9 million passengers, generating revenue of around 51 million euros.

It should be remembered that CP’s online ticket office was launched in 2005 and CP App started operating in 2016. Initially, these channels only allowed the sale of Long-Distance Trains. In 2017, the sales of routes on regional trains became available, but only as a complement to Alfa Pendular and Intercidades journeys.