CP Declaration

Jornal de Notícias reported a news today under the title “CP demands silence from its employees”, in respect of which it is declared that:

The Ethical Code of CP was approved on May 31, 2007, and later disclosed to its employees.

As it is public knowledge, Ethical Codes are documents - with specific legal framework - which establish the values ​​and principles guiding the activity and performance of companies and institutions and, consequently, of all those related.

On December 6, 2018, the CP Ethical Code was reviewed in order to comply with the legislation in force regarding Personal Data Protection (GDPR). The amendment consisted of including 2 paragraphs, mentioning that the Company undertakes to comply with said legislation and that the employees shall act accordingly.

The amendments made to this document are always disclosed to the Company's employees, which this time occurred on December 12.

Thus, it is clear that there is no basis for the statements of Jornal de Notícias when it claims that this disclosure is related to any demand of silence from the CP employees.