First CP Shop opens in Belém station – February 12

CP – Comboios de Portugal, opened, today, a new CP shop in Belém station. This opening marks the beginning of a project that will cover 18 ticket offices and customer service spaces, which will be subject to a full renovation in several points of the country. This renovation will increase the comfort, ease and speed of customer service and simultaneously provide these spaces with better working conditions for the Company’s employees.

The current ticket offices evolve to the CP Shop concept, in spaces marked by a more uniform and modern image with a contemporary design, based on simple lines that transmit the brand’s graphic identity. Integrating several services of the company in a single space, these shops favour the ease of access to information, namely through interactive multimedia devices for consultation and purchase of CP products, queue management, customer support spaces and sale of merchandise.

The extensive intervention that CP carried out in Belém station counted on the support of Infraestruturas de Portugal, namely in the repair and maintenance of the outside of the building where it is located.

At the opening of the shop, the president of CP, Nuno Freitas, told the workers present that this was “ … another step in the change that we wish to imprint in CP”, mentioning that the replacement of service levels does not only involve the provision of sufficient rolling stock to ensure a reliable, regular and comfortable supply, but also recovering the trust of current customers through improved service.

By the end of 2020, as part of the same project, the Cascais and Entroncamento station Shops are scheduled to open. The project also includes the renovation of several ticket offices with interventions that will improve working conditions and ensure the uniformity of the Company’s image.