International Railway Cinema Festival in Lisbon - 27 to 29 November - Cinema S. Jorge

CP – Comboios de Portugal and the UIC –International Union of Railways have organised the 22nd edition of CineRail – International Railway Cinema Festival.

More than 60 films from all over the world will be competing at the São Jorge cinema in Lisbon between 27 and 29 November. This is going to be a unique opportunity for film buffs and train enthusiasts to see the best that is made in the railway sector.

The CineRail festival is specialised in railways and in this edition, apart from the “CP Grand Prix” and the “Public’s Prize” awarded by the UIC, there ae also prizes for various categories – corporate communication, environmental sustainability, safety, publicity, innovation, internal communication and historical heritage.

This is the first time that the International Railway Cinema Festival has been held outside France and Lisbon was chosen to host it. This is a unique opportunity where UIC members and public transport companies in general, organisations and institutions involved in the transport sector present their films and audio-visual productions, which will be assessed by an international jury.

The opening session of the Festival is going to take place on 27 November (Monday), at 18:00, with the screening of the CineRail 2015 winner, “A carruagem”, by Portuguese director João Vasco. The same day there will also be the feature film “Comboio de Sal e Açúcar” at 21:30.
The presentation of the films in the competition will be on the opening day, between 18:45 and 20:30, on the 28th (Tuesday) between 17:00 and 23:00 and on the 29th (Wednesday), between 17:00 and 18:30.
The prize ceremony and the closing session will be on the last day, the 29th, at 18:45.

Admission to the International Railway Cinema Festival no Festival is free.

Further details are available from

CineRail International Festival
S. Jorge Cinema – Lisbon


27 November
18:00/18:45 – Opening ceremony
18:45/20:30 – Session 1 – Films in competition
21:15/23:00 – Feature film “Comboio de Sal e Açúcar”

28 November
17:00/20:00 – Session 2 – Films in competition
20:30/23:00 – Session 3 – Films in competition

29 November
17:00/18:30 – Session 4 - Films in competition
18:45/20:30 – Prize ceremony and close