Almond tree circuit is back at CP - March 2018

CP - Comboios de Portugal is once again inviting its customers to visit the almost trees in bloom in Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro and to admire the beauty, cultural heritage and gastronomy of that part of the country on Saturdays 3, 10, 17 and 24 of March.

The journey starts on a special train with 1st or 2nd class that leaves Oporto Campanhã at 07:05 and arrives in Pocinho at 10h15, after which there are three possible bus trips:

ROUTE A: Pocinho - Museu do Côa (guided tour) - Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo (time for lunch) - Castelo Rodrigo (free time) - Barca D’Alva (free time) - Penedo Durão (panoramic view) - Freixo de Espada à Cinta (free time) - Pocinho.

ROUTE B: Freixo Numão - Penedono (free time) - Trancoso (time for lunch) - Marialva (guided tour) - Meda (guided tour of the Quinta Vale D'Aldeia winery) - Museu do Côa (guided tour) - Foz Côa (free time) - Pocinho.

ROUTE C: Pocinho - Torre de Moncorvo (free time) - Mogadouro (time for lunch and guided tour of the Archaeology Museum) - Santuário de Cerejais (panoramic view, the buses should go to Calvário and Loca) - Vila Flor (free time) - Pocinho.

On the return, the special train leaves Pocinho station at 19:50 and arrives back in Oporto Campanhã at 23:10.

The price for adults that opt for Routes A or B varies between €43 in 1st class and €38 in 2nd class, while children’s tickets cost between €24 and €21.

For Route C, adult tickets cost between €40 and €35 and children between €23 and €20, depending on the class.