In 2018 - CP had 126 million passengers

CP – Comboios de Portugal E.P.E. closed the year of 2018 with over 126 million passengers, a growth of 4 million (3.5%) comparing to 2017.

The preliminary results also show a revenue of 259 million euros in traffic proceeds, an increase of 9 million (3.7%) over 2017.

The Lisbon Urban services have contributed to this growth, with over 87 million passengers, resulting in a growth of 5%, as well as the Oporto Urban services, with over 22 million passengers – a growth of 1.8% in comparison to the previous corresponding period.

The Long Distance services counted with 6.4 million passengers, maintaining the numbers registered in 2017 and increasing the revenue by 3.2% for a total of 110 million euros.

Regarding the Regional services, CP had 10.6 million passengers – a decrease of around 370,000 passengers when comparing to the previous period.

This results are only possible thanks to the tremendous commitment and dedication of all employees of the CP group, having in mind they are facing severe operational difficulties arising, particularly, from the rolling stock insufficiency.

The year of 2018 was also a period of great challenges for the Company which will be remembered for the adoption of measures which will enable us to face the future in the short and medium term with more confidence in the capacity to satisfy the increasing demand for rail transport.