Railway Summit 2022 in Portugal

CP- Comboios de Portugal attends international event.

The Railway Summit took place in Portugal on 16 and 17 May. It was organised by the Portuguese Railway Platform (PFP), which involved various partners from the railway sector with various events over two days. 

CP participated in the first panel on "National Investments", emphasising the work done to recover rolling stock and put it back into service. In addition to upgrading the rolling stock, there was a tender for 22 new trains and another one, launched in 2021, to acquire 117 new trains. 

Besides these investments, the CP representative - Joaquim Guerra, said, "one of our dreams is to build a Portuguese train". In his speech, he addressed CP's 2022-2030 Strategic Plan, stating that CP "recovers what is historical, preserves the present, plans and prepares the future, so we have so much to do together". 

The session was opened by the president of the Portuguese Railway Platform - PFP, João Figueiredo, and by the mayor of Matosinhos, Luísa Salgueiro. The meeting was attended by the Mobility and Transport Institute chair, an independent watchdog, Eduardo Feio, and Ana Paula Vitorino the chair of the Mobility and Transport Authority, who said that "the railway is essential for the territory", adding the importance of cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The Portuguese Railway Platform, created in 2015, currently has 95 associates, 63 of which are companies, with CP-Comboios de Portugal, one of its founding members. The Portugal Railway Summit took place at the Matosinhos Cruise Terminal and featured several speeches noting the importance of railways for the country's development.