CP backs ocean chain

Thousands of pupils call attention to the importance of the oceans.

Thousands of pupils gathered near the sea, up and down the country on 19 May and created the "Ocean Chain", an initiative that celebrated the Blue School Day, which marks the Blue School educational programme, launched in 2018 by the ministry of maritime affairs to increase literacy about the oceans.

More than 200 groupings and schools joined the programme, with dozens of meetings to highlight the importance of the oceans throughout the country.

In Vila Nova de Gaia, Miramar Beach was one of the strongest points of this celebration, with around 1,800 people gathering at the foot of the Senhor da Pedra chapel, in the middle of the beach, to form the chain. Pupils from local schools made up most of the chain, but also parents and other people from the community participated in this human chain.

Aware of its role in environmental sustainability, CP joined this initiative by providing two trains from the Porto Urban Trains to carry about 1,000 pupils from various parishes to Miramar.