CP starts Arco coach service

Six coaches on the Minho Line InterRegional service.

Portugal's transport watchdog, the IMT, authorised, on 14 July, the start of operation of the Arco coaches at the refurbished Guifões workshops.

These trains are part of a batch of 50 acquired from CP's Spanish counterpart Renfe at the end of June 2020.

CP carried out all the tests to check the relevant safety aspects for the coaches and their approval.

The authorisation process for the first six Arco coaches for the Minho Line InterRegional service is now concluded.

As the remodelling process of the remaining coaches is completed, CP will request the authorisations based on the existing type authorised today, making future processes much faster.

These coaches will let CP increase its offer, so this step is of the utmost importance for its operations and customer satisfaction.